Day 12: The worst writing day of all

So today was the worst writing day of them all because I had to write about food. Specifically, bad, terrible food that I really really love.

Fair food.

Hero and Heroine were on their first date at a pop-up parking lot carnival. Heroine had never eaten fair food before, and Hero was bound and determined to let her taste real life. So I wrote about turkey legs, and corn dripping in butter, and tart sweet lemonade, and crunchy, fried funnel cake…are you seeing the problem here?

I never knew I could write such loving, detailed, convincing prose. My stomach grumbled in need all day. I think I gained 10 lbs just imagining the food. Ach, I’m getting hungry again just reliving the food experience. I need to stop and inject some grease into my veins. Maybe that’ll help.

So that was the bad news. But there was some good news, too. Here’s a handy breakdown!

Good news:

  • this is the furthest I’ve ever gotten in any story
  • it’s only taken me 12 writing days to get there
  • I’ve managed to establish a plod-along-process. I just keep asking myself “and then what happened?” and pretend to tell the story to someone else in order to get to the next paragraph

Bad news:

  • my writing days have not been sequential
  • I’ve discovered that I’m the slowest writer on the planet. Everything takes sooo looonggg to explaaaaiiinnn…
  • I may run away tomorrow and join the carnival circuit

The best news:

  • I have 15,549 words as of today. Yay!

So what I learned in school today is this: there is always good and bad news. I’ll just have to keep plugging away.


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