Day 11: Keep on Keeping On

Last week’s writing efforts were hit or miss because life got in the way again, but this week I’m striving to write again every day. Part of the inspiration came from a discussion at last week’s book club, when other members pointed out that writing was a lot like exercise. “You can write every day, but if you fall off the wagon and restart, it’s almost as if you’ve never exercised before.” 

This makes a lot of sense to me. I once had a daily yoga practice, and every now and then I’d hit my stride and not miss for months. Then something would happen, and I’d have to take 2-3 days off, and when I’d restart, my body would always be like, “Hey, what is this? What are you doing? You’ve never made us bend like this before…ouch!” The body, much like the brain, doesn’t like to get stretched back into shape once you’ve given it a few days off.

Today’s writing session was tedious. I slogged through and got a solid 2,000 words. I think. I have to admit, I tried not to look too much—I really wanted to concentrate more on moving through the scenes. I got Hero and Heroine out of the house and on a date. I left them at dinner. Hopefully tomorrow I can get them back home to reflect on what just happened.

What I learned from school today:  I’m a slow writer. I have to pause and think before every little interaction. Why is this person saying this? How can I describe what’s happening next? It’s frustrating because I’m a fast reader, and I expected that I’d write as fast as I read. Not! I have to just slow down and keep plodding along. Nobody’s holding a stop watch next to me. I’ll write it as I get the words. 


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