Day 9: Back in the saddle

The fog has lifted, my mind is clear, and so today I returned to school. I’d been absent a while, so it took some time to get back into the swing of things. Today I was only able to get about 1,000 words in. They were—at times—dull, uninspired words, but at least they moved the story along. I hope.

Today’s struggle involved the Hero. Who is this guy? What’s his motivation? What would he say and do in these circumstances? I know why he’s doing what he’s doing, but I don’t have a real hold on his personality. I can’t channel his words because I’m not exactly sure who he is. Sometimes I think he’s a been-there-done-that Han Solo kind of guy, and other times I think he’s a slick I-can-get-any-woman-I-want kind of guy. I need to read up on character development to get a lock on this.

What I learned from school today:

1. Writing is hard, and problems crop up everywhere. I thought I’d be motoring along since I had the plot finally figured out, but now Hero is getting all mysterious on me, and I have to take him out to the local bar and get to know him.

2. Any writing is good writing. Since I got sick, the only form of writing that I’ve been able to do is blog posts: they’re short, sweet, to the point and I already have the form figured out. It’s been helpful to see that I can still accomplish some sort of writing while I recuperated.

Here’s hoping for more words tomorrow!


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