Day 7: Breaking the Flow

I may have taken too many days off from writing, as it was hard to get back into the flow today. My day was filled with the tasks of my real job, and when I showed up for class tonight I was tired, distracted, and unable to write in more than 5-10 minute blocks. Took longer than needed to get 1,500 words on the page. Now it’s late and I’m going to call it quits short of my goal. What I need to do is to have a scheduled time to write, rather than to use it as a filler block into the rest of my schedule.

Things I learned from school today:

Characters can sometimes deviate from your prescribed path. My Heroine is supposed to be an uptight list-making, take control kind of gal. But through the King method she’s turning into a shy, nurturing, cooks-too-much-when-she’s nervous kind of gal. I have no idea how she’s going to interact with the Hero now, and I guess he can’t figure it out either because when I left him he seemed pretty confused. Maybe he’ll figure it out by tomorrow after we’ve both had some sleep. Hope he can clue me in!


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