Day 6: Let’s get physical

I now have battle scars. Yesterday I decided to take a break from writing and joined my husband and daughter in the backyard for a friendly soccer scrimmage. I was fighting through a scene and remembered short bursts of physical exercise can make creativity flow.

Soccer was fun until my husband kicked me in the shins while we were fighting for the ball. As I hopped around on one foot I noticed that a blood vessel was starting to swell right under my knee. Drat.

I went inside and iced it down, and after the swelling went away I went back to the office and the abandoned scene.

But now instead of calmly walking up the stairs, the Hero accidentally kicks a concrete planter on his way up some stairs, leading to an injury that gets him closer to the the Heroine. It worked out perfectly.

So I can confirm the rumor is true: you can get your creative flow going by doing physical exercises. But you’ll also, possibly, get an purple egg-shaped bruise in the process.

Things I learned from school today:

It’s harder to write when you’re tired. I am exhausted from a week of work, so I came in to a 1,200 word count instead of the 2000. I need to remember that writing, like any physical activity, requires one to be well-fed and rested. I may just take the weekend off.


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